"Graciela's dynamic teaching and extensive expertise on the subject made this class so valuable and enriching."

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Courses for the Interpreter


Congenital Heart Surgery for Interpreters

My flagship course on interpreting in the unique setting of congenital heart surgery. 


JBCC Mandatory Orientation

Taking the State Licensing Exam for Court Interpreters?

I make this class fun and easy to follow. 

Hey - if you need to sit through 6 hours of mandatory training, wouldn't you want to have fun while you do it? 

And did I mention it's all online?


40-Hour Test Preparation Course

The JBCC Mandatory Training is your blueprint for the exam. 

This course is your boot camp for the exam. You'll walk away ready to rock the exam. 

[Court Interpreter Certification] 

[Court Interpreter Classes]


School Interpreting

20-hour course focused on teaching you the three modes of interpreting, protocol, and code of ethics. 

This course is currently not scheduled. 


JBCC Oral Exam Test Prep

Taking the JBCC Oral Exam? 

Desire to go into the exam feeling prepared and ready to own it? 


48 Hour Medical Intro to Medical Interpreting

 A 48-hour, non language-specific training course designed to prepare you for either National Certification exam sittings and aimed at raising Language Access to care for Limited English Proficient patients.  

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