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I am Graciela Zozaya, an interpreter and translator with 30+ years of experience and a passion for Language Access. 

I have spent years training translators and interpreters at local universities before extending my service to the online community.

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I help my clients develop their interpreting skills by providing training, exam prep and translation services.

Through my courses, I give interpreters the skills they will need to develop and stand out in the professional world. 

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The beginnings of interpreting

Born and raised in in a bilingual home in Mexico City. 

When I moved to the United States, I was a single mom with two young children. I immediately put my passion for language to work.



30+ years later

Degree in Education with emphasis in Social Work.

Trainer of potential, new and experienced Community and Health Care Interpreters.

Trainer of court interpreters.

Trainer for interpreters in the school system.

Interpreter Training Resources. 

English to Spanish Translations

Spanish to English Translations. 

Experience as Patient Advocate and Staff Interpreter.

Legal translation and interpreting experience.

Voice-over talent.

Extensive work on transcription and translation.

Immigration Court interpreting experience.

Great experience in translation of medical records for legal purposes.

Member of the Board of Directors of the Houston Interpreters and Translators Association.

Member of several boards of directors.

And the fun feels like it's just getting started!


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