JBCC Oral Exam Test Prep

About the exam

Candidates wishing to become Licensed Court Interpreters must take written and oral examinations which are developed by the Language Access Services Section (LASS) of the National Center for State Courts (NCSC).  

The oral examination measures the candidates' interpreting skills and is given at one sitting in three parts which are recorded. 

Why you want to be prepared

The Oral Exam is a timed exam comprised of three parts: 

  1. Sight Translation 
  2. Consecutive Interpreting 
  3. Simultaneous Interpreting 

This is the time to give your best performance. 

How I can help

In the JBCC Oral Exam Test Prep, You will spend 6 hours with me and other interpreters just like you where we will:

Practice, practice, and PRACTICE the three modes of interpreting.

Address the personal blocks you are facing that are stopping you from mastering this exam. 

Work together to build your skills up to confidently master this exam. 

My experience has taught me that in order to get BIG you need to think BIG. 

And by BIG, I mean BIG RESULTS. 

If you're in this to win, enroll below.

The Details

When & Where

Date to be set in August 2018

Simultaneous Interpreting 6-hour class JBCC Oral Exam Test Prep

Cancellation policy:  a 10% processing fee will be charged to all cancellations made up to 48 hours before the class. 

No refunds after that time. No-shows will have the opportunity to attend a future class at no additional cost (no refund).